About Us

At BILLIONS, our team of experts in technology and real estate provides top-performing teams with the insights they need to succeed. With decades of experience in running and operating our own real estate team and building cutting-edge software, we deliver a platform that meets the unique needs of today’s real estate professionals.

Our Values

Andrew Becker embarked on his real estate journey in 2013, establishing one of the top-performing teams at a leading real estate firm in the Washington DC area. As Chief Operating Officer, Andrew took charge of crafting the team’s systems and processes to ensure seamless operations.

Recognizing the limitations of existing platforms, he took matters into his own hands, developing a real estate teams platform based on his 10+ years experience in the industry. This innovative solution ultimately laid the foundation for what is now known as BILLIONS.

Amber Milks began her career in the nonprofit and government sectors before venturing into the real estate industry with Keller Williams during college. In 2013, she made a strategic shift to enterprise technology, where she managed Customer Success operations at Veeva for 5+ years. While there she built Salesforce applications and partnerships.

Building on her expertise, Amber took on operational and go-to-market strategy roles at industry leaders like Okta and DocuSign. Her transition to a fractional operations consultant led her to join forces with Andrew at BILLIONS, bringing her wealth of knowledge to our team.

Our focus is on delivering a platform that 

consistently exceeds our customers’ expectations.